Cross Office is an independent trader and broker working on marine fuel market and related services.

The company specializes in organization of bunker operations, mainly in Baltic Sea and worldwide ports.

Cross Office was established in 2015 by Oleg Riabov. Nowadays, the entity has headquarter in Tallinn and branch office in Riga.

In Cross Office, we offer a full scale of bunker products and services, the highest quality and ultimately the best solutions.

Our clients range from leading global companies to more local and privately owned companies.

We value and endeavor to build long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers.

We meet every day with the same vigor, drive and high level of professionalism, striving to be a market leader worldwide and the preferred bunker channel of our clients.

We are a dynamic and flexible organization in the way we do business. Being a privately owned company naturally creates a flexibility — we have a very flat organization and the link from idea to execution is extremely short.

Our goal is to maintain this dynamic way of doing business, which is not only crucial when delivering the best service and highest standards, however, also to maintain and encourage ownership and motivation among our employees.